Scala Developer (Junior-Middle)

Come join a passionate team of back-end Developers to build highly scalable components. You will be using technologies such as Scala/Java, Akka, Kafka and Cassandra.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develops Akka based micro-services using Scala/Java and scale them out by using the clustering and sharding capabilities.
  • Apply Event Sourcing, Backpressure and CQRS patterns when applicable.
  • Secure transport microservices using Dockers to improve testability, portability and deployability.
  • Creates property based and unit tests to ensure the quality of the code.
  • Designs REST and/or Message based APIs and outline the interactions amongst them.
  • Provides feedback to the architects on the designs for improvement references.

Job Requirements:

  • With a degree in Computer Science or any related courses.
  • With a minimum of five (5) years’ experience from the same field.
  • Profound knowledge of the Actor Model and experience with the Akka Framework.
  • Solid hands-on experience in Functional/Object-Oriented Programming and developing Scala/Java applications.
  • Mastery skills in Slack – Giphy plugins, GIT, SBT/Maven.
  • Familiar with REST APIs and Message Brokers.
  • Must be a team player with highly developed English communication skills both towards co-Programmers and Project Managers.
  • Innovative and strategic, with good time management yet delivering quality results.

Desirable Technical Skills:

  • Bitbucket, JIRA and Confluence.
  • Agile Development Process (Scrum).
  • Microservice oriented architecture and patterns such as event sourcing and CQRS.
  • NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, DynamoDB, Riak.
  • Akka Extensions: Clustering, Sharding, Streams, Distributed Pub/Sub.
  • Testing libraries: ScalaTest, Specs2, ScalaCheck, Mockito.
  • Containerization with Docker.
  • Bench-marking and optimization.
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