SCALA Developer

Netquest is the online fieldwork provider for the market research sector leader in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. We currently have more than 1,000,000 consumers willing to give us their opinion in 21 countries, and the latest technology to manage and survey them.

We are now looking for a talented Scala Developer to join our development team.

Several years ago we built our own panel profiling platform and due to the evolution of the business and the technology, we want to rebuild it from scratch adapting it to our current and future needs, and the volume of data we’re currently dealing with, and also prepare it to handle the business growth we’re experiencing.

We have more than one million collaborators (panelists) whom we store profiling information structured in thousands of variables. Our platform needs to model those variables, store all the information we’ve got about our collaborators and offer an almost real-time data process which allows our users to see what we’ve got in our panel.


We offer a place in one of the development teams working in Netquest. In the IT team we are about 20 mates, among developers, systems/dev-ops & QA.

We develop based on Agile methodologies: XP + Scrum, always adapted to our needs. On the XP side we encourage to use TDD as well as code reviews and code conventions meetings.

We are open-minded about choosing the technology that suits better in each project, so we love learning new technologies (languages, frameworks, tools, …) so we can widen our choices.

Between our current development tools we can find:

  • IntelliJ IDE
  • git / GitHub
  • Jenkins CI & testing automation
  • Jira + Agile
  • JProfiler, JMeter, Gatling
  • Artifactory, Maven, Sbt
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Regarding the project we’re recruiting for, we are envisioning a large set of applications with a Service Oriented Architecture to enforce separation of concerns.

We’re currently evaluating a wide set of technologies for persistence systems and data processing, and we are also open to choose the proper language that suits the needs of each service.

We need a team member who can help us outline the component’s architecture and participate in the definition of technology stack and the design of the involved services.




We expect you to enjoy software development and look for new challenges, wanting to add your bit to our team.

Mandatory skills:

  • Experience in web development
  • Software development patterns knowledge
  • Deep technical and software design background
  • Interest and experience in high performance distributed systems
  • Testing automation knowledge
  • Experience on web standards
  • Commitment with development and quality
  • Willing to work in a dynamic, fast-change, start-up-ish environment
  • Perfection-driven attitude
  • Proactivity about development method or development techniques

Valuable skills:

  • Unix
  • Development environment with Docker
  • Git
  • Build & dependency tools such as Maven, Gradle and Sbt
  • Experience on performance tuning and profiling
  • Experience with different testing and continuous integration tools
  • Experience in functional programming paradigm
  • Experience on RDBMS and NoSQL systems
  • Experience in usage of persistence systems such as Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB or Redis, for instance
  • Experience in real-time-ish data processing frameworks such as Hadoop or Spark
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