Netquest is the online fieldwork provider for the market research sector leader in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. We currently have more than 1,700,000 consumers willing to give us their opinion in 21 countries, and the latest technology to manage and survey them.

We are now looking for a DevOps who can help us keep everything running as reliable and efficiently as possible. Are you up for the challenge?



  • The installation, configuration, deployment, maintenance and administration of our staging and production environments.
  • The architectural design of new projects, in close collaboration with our development team.
  • Automation using Amazon Web Services and existing open source tools like Puppet, and supplement them with your own tools.

The kind of projects that we are working on is for example:

  • Making sure our architecture can scale out to ten times the number of participants
  • Organising parts of our infrastructure in containers (using Kubernetes)
  • Migrating parts of our databases to new data-storage technologies

What we offer

Our current team is a group of passionate all-round engineers with a lot of experience working on Amazon Web Services. We are all active learners interested in the latest technologies especially in the backend-systems field. We enjoy working as a team to get the job done. The tech team is responsible for the entire stack and we work closely together to ensure a performant, secure and reliable system.


You are the right candidate if you demonstrate:

-Experience or certification in the use of Amazon Web Services in production
-Experience or certification with automation frameworks like Puppet or Chef
-Linux/Unix server administration
-Web Application Servers like Apache or Nginx
-Database administration like MySQL or PostgreSQL
-Knowledge of network-technology
-Passion about your job and ability to apply the best tools for the task at hand.
-Good team work and communication skills, bringing a positive spirit to the team.

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