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In a Nutshell

rindus has tripled the number of people working with the company within only one year, by simultaneously achieving the highest satisfaction among both team members and clients.

"People's bright eyes and the high number of applicants we got through referrals are the best rewards for our teamwork!"

rindus is a European company founded in Hamburg, Germany that opened its new office in Malaga, Spain. According to rindus, the company helps more than 10 clients scale their development teams by providing them with amazing groups of highly talented software developers, project managers, product managers and quality assurance experts from around Europe. Two years after their launch, they count 60 powerful and gifted experts and have about 20 open positions at the moment. They continue to grow annually in the three-digit area.

"We are a dynamic and quickly growing international team of around 60 developers, and we are based in two offices - in Malaga, Spain and in Hamburg, Germany. We work with the best talents, and our working environment encourages our employees to develop in a goal-oriented way."

Rolf, Founder of rindus

At the moment rindus is based in two European countries. Their main offices are in Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, in Malaga, Spain and their headquarters are based in Hamburg, Germany.

A company that solves real problems

rindus caters to a wide variety of clients. Their clients have been in business between 120 and 2 years, their clients' teams consist of between 20 and 20,000 employees and are active in between 1 and 60 countries. They are undoubtedly innovative and growing companies because they account for sales between 1M and 2,500M EU.

rindus helps businesses that have their own software development teams but need more software engineering experts, particularly for new business development and tasks connected to digitization. Unfortunately, the highly competitive and almost dry labor market in Germany makes it practically impossible to find these additional experts. Also, there is a lack of management capacity and knowledge regarding how to efficiently integrate new teams, which creates a higher demand to seek support from outside the clients' companies. Organizations don't want to just "rent people" from software development agencies (neither domestic nor international ones), as they claim that "it is not sustainable and way too expensive in the long run." That's why companies become rindus' clients, as rindus helps them to find brilliant expert teams that support them on an ongoing, long-term basis.

According to rindus, the company manages the three most significant challenges faced by their clients: "(1) finding and recruiting the best IT experts, (2) making a new team become part of their clients' software development processes in a smooth and efficient way, and (3) making the new teams actually want to stay and to perform by giving a true meaning to their position within the clients' organization."

Regarding technology, rindus is not focused on any technology. Instead, the company adapts to its client's needs. Whichever technology the client applies, rindus will find the best experts to develop using this technology. As the Founder of rindus says:

"We listen, analyze, and consult. The most common language frameworks are Java, Angular, and Ruby. We advise and share our expertise to make any possible improvements at any stage of business processes."

Rolf, Founder of rindus

The mission that is different from the other companies

Rolf again says:

"We simply want to provide all the space for our team members they need to continuously grow both personally and professionally, while they are fully respected and appreciated in their true individualism, and while we want them to have pure fun with what they do, in order to create truly world-class technology for our clients!"

When asked rindus employees, they mentioned two leading values in rindus - freedom, and participation. Moreover, rindus is proud to be considered as a genuinely employee-centered company - they are purely focused on people and their beliefs, values, and aspirations. The company wants people to be involved, and to make an impact, to empower people, and to trust that they are always able to make the right decisions. One of the managers said: "We strongly believe in results orientation, in autonomy, in diversity. Our international talents provide the best possible results because they believe in creativity, accountability, and ownership."

When asked what makes rindus different from the other companies, they say with no doubt - "our team members first, clients second." When asked why Rolf replies that "to provide the best possible services we need to take care of our employees! We strongly believe that our clients only can be satisfied and excited when our people are. We don't need to motivate our experts, as they are the highest motivated people ever when they join us, but we focus on preventing them from becoming demotivated. We allow our people to not adjust neither to common sense nor to general policies. Instead, we inspire them to be just as they are. We inspire people to grow."

Open Team Structure for Better Communication

Teams at rindus don't have to work in cubicles, they share their offices with one other group at most. There is no real hierarchy; team members can directly approach anybody else within the company. People speak English, and the supervisors encourage as well to learn the local languages - Spanish and German. We heard from some employees that they also get help with the onboarding process. The colleagues who work in the offices for more extended periods are always willing to share the best tips on how to get started in Malaga or Hamburg. An amicable atmosphere was quoted many times by team members.

"You are a part of a big, caring, and cherishing family, that respects you in your true individualism, and that always shows you an appreciation with everything that you do. You are being listened to and literally seen with your entire personality. You are given a true reason to be part of this family - and that's not only the salary, but it's that you are given meaning to what you do!"

Rolf, Founder of rindus

The agile project management approach is seen at rindus in everyday life. The company is proactively and efficiently communicating with each member through daily meetings and updates. Other than that, the teams are free to organize their work as they want, to achieve the goals that each individual has clearly chosen.

Employee-centered company

We wanted to analyze the work environment in rindus. That is why we asked an HR manager to describe what perks new employees can get. We were informed that there are many benefits to new and old team members. The company provides free drinks, fruits, snacks, regular lunches, gym membership sponsorship, private health care, language classes, frequent team events, conferences and training participation, and many sessions with other specialists for personal development. Also, they provide language classes and regular involvement in Coding/Tech events.

Personal stories

HR Manager explained:

"We know that life is far more than work, that is why we take care of the "out of the office" activities, especially for new employees to integrate and adjust quicker! We organize 3 or 4 bigger events per year, e.g., Beach Olympic Games, Sail-Cruising-Event, Paintball, rindus Family Barbecue, Christmas Dinner, etc. On a more frequent basis, we have smaller team events, such as beach volleyball tournaments, Pizza Days, Escape Room

When people’s needs are satisfied, everything falls into place

We asked the company's Founder about some concluding words. Rolf said without hesitation:

"Jaw-dropping software does not consist of technology, but it is being built by keen experts' passion, energy, and an unconditional zest for the best result. That's why we believe that if you really want to create world-class technology, you radically have to focus purely on people and their wishes, dreams, and aspirations, not on technology. World-class technology then just is a natural result.

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