The 7 best things about life in Spain

Article by Marc Vervoort

Moving to a new country is always exciting. Especially when it’s such a fantastic place as Spain. It’s a favorite location for expats and companies alike. And rightly so, very few countries have so much to offer as Spain. But what are the best things about life in Spain?

1. The climate

When you think of Spain, you’ll probably think of sunshine and long sandy beaches. It’s true. Spain overall is a sunny place where you’ll spend a lot more time outside than when you live in Northern or Eastern Europe. However, Spain is also very varied in its climates

The Spanish costa’s offer the best weather in Europe. Malaga is the sunniest city on the continent, and even in December, it’s around 20 degrees during the day. Yet, next to Malaga, in Granada, you can go skiing or snowboarding in winter, as in many other places in the country. The north is rainier than the rest and beautifully green like England, but still sunnier.

Whatever type of climate you like, you’ll find it in Spain.

2. The Spanish food and eating culture

Spanish food is delicious, so no wonder eating takes a central place in Spanish culture. Every region and town has its specialties for you to try. From paella to gazpacho or a refreshing tinto de verano. And of course, they all have tapas – little portions of food – so you can have a bit of everything and share it with your companions.

Spaniards love to eat together. Meals are about socializing. Already in the early morning, you’ll see friends, colleagues, and families chattering away, enjoying their coffee and toasted bread with tomatoes and olive oil. When you go out to eat in Spain, slow down and enjoy.

3. Great cities to live

Spain has some of the most beautiful and fun cities in the world for you to live in. Madrid and Barcelona are cosmopolitan, international cities. Malaga offers you its excellent climate and laid-back beach culture. Seville has its flamenco and history. Santander is green, chic and stylish and thriving Bilbao displays its famed Guggenheim museum and is an example of successful urban renewal. These are only a few of the many cool places to live and to explore when moving to Spain.

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4. Spain is healthy

Spain has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It’s free, offers universal coverage and is a important factor why Spaniards have the world’s second highest life expectancy.

Another reason for Spanish longevity is the Mediterranean diet. It’s loaded with fresh vegetables, fish, and healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts. No town in Spain is complete without a market offering daily fresh produce.

5. The Spanish people

Spain wouldn’t be Spain without the Spaniards themselves. Of course, everybody is unique, and we don’t want to generalize, but we will, just a little. It has to be said, that Spaniards are generally warm and welcoming.

Spaniards are accessible and love to share a good laugh. When you start a new job, it’s normal for your colleagues to immediately start chatting with you and asking you to join for breakfast, lunch or have a dinner together after work.

The Spanish are probably more touchy-feely than you might be used to. So don’t be shocked when they hug you, take your hand, touch your shoulder, and give a friendly slap on the back, even when you’ve only just met.

6. Relatively low cost of living

In general, Spain is not an expensive country to live. It’s pretty cheap to eat out, and you’ll do so on a regular basis. In Granada and many other places, they even serve you a free tapa when you have a drink. Though rents are rising in popular cities like Madrid and Barcelona, they’re still low compared to their Northern European counterparts. Healthcare is free, and taxes aren’t generally too high.

7. High demand for digital jobs

If you have a background in IT and digital technology, you’re in luck. Spain needs you. There are thousands of top positions to be filled for the likes of software developers, back-end and front-end developers, data scientists and so on. You don’t even have to speak Spanish.

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