Spain desperately needs software developers and engineers

Article by Marc Vervoort

Besides its sunny climate, sandy beaches and excellent quality of life, Spain, unfortunately, is also known for its sky-high unemployment rate. At one point it was standing at a whopping 25 percent. And even though unemployment has dropped, at 15 percent, it’s still significant. So you’re forgiven if you think it’s hard to land a job in Spain. Actually, it isn’t. Well, not if you’re a software developer or engineer anyway, or have any other solid IT skills. Spain desperately needs your digital talent.

Spain has a big digital job market but lacks software developers

Spain is one of the most important IT markets in Europe, with more than 33.000 businesses in the IT-sector. It also has the fourth highest number of jobs in the tech sector in the EU. There currently are about 10.000 IT job openings in Spain and rapidly growing. Businesses have a hard time filling these positions due to a lack of people with proper qualifications.

Only 1 percent of Spanish graduates have a degree linked to IT

The IMMUNE Coding Institute warns for the lack of innovation and knowledge within the Spanish education system about the IT sector and the skills it needs. Currently, only a tiny 1 percent of Spanish university degrees is related to IT. That’s not even close to meeting demand. The shortage of software developers and engineers is especially urgent. That’s why companies are now looking for solutions beyond Spain.

Spanish companies hunting abroad for software developers and other IT personnel

Almost 24 percent of companies in Spain can’t find the right candidates for their digital positions. That’s why many are recruiting abroad to find software developers, programmers, and other IT-talents to fill their job posts.

At the same time, numerous businesses are moving their operations to Spain. Due to the lower costs and the excellent quality of life for their staff. Which means there will be even more digital jobs available.

Do you want to work as a software developer or engineer in sunny Spain?

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