How do you throw an unforgettable housewarming party?

Article by Marc Vervoort

Congrats! You’ve moved into your new home. Your boxes are almost unpacked. Even your internet is connected. So now there is only 1 crucial thing left to do. Throw an unforgettable housewarming party! Here are some foolproof tips to make your party a big hit.

Planning is key

Before you send out your invite, first decide what type of party it’s going to be. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace, you might want to do a barbecue. Or will it be a dinner, maybe just drinks or possibly have guests bring food as well? And how about a cool theme?

Avoid group apps

We all get invited to way too many group apps. Many of us mute them after going crazy with the number of messages coming in. The rest will miss half of the apps because of the sheer volume. Just send an individual message when you have an update about the party.

Don’t send invites too early

The Spanish are quite spontaneous and last-minute in their planning. Their party calendars usually aren’t booked a month in advance. So if you invite friends about 2 weeks before the party, it should be ok. Much earlier, and people might forget.

Deep clean your place

After clearing all the moving boxes, it’s time for a deep clean to let your apartment sparkle on the day of the party.

A word of advice: make sure your restroom is fully stocked with paper, soap, hand towels, and air freshener. This will avoid uncomfortable situations at your fiesta.

Foods and drinks

When people start arriving, make sure everybody gets a drink in their hand ASAP. Place bites and beverages in strategic locations. The death of any party is when guests go hungry and have empty glasses for too long. Keep an eye on whether everyone is well provided for and go around the room regularly with drinks and snacks.

Create a super playlist

You need a fantastic playlist which fits your party. You can start out with some cool lounge music and later pump it up so your friends will put their dance shoes on.

Enjoy your housewarming party!

With all the preparations and making sure everybody is having a good time, don’t forget to have fun yourself. Enjoy the fact that you’re in a new place surrounded by friends.

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