Christmas in Spain at the office

Article by Marc Vervoort

Christmas in Spain is a wonderful time. From the start of December, many cities and towns have lovely Christmas lights and trees which illuminate the evenings. At work, Christmas is the season for dinners and parties with your colleagues.

The office Christmas party

Spanish love to have a good time and throw a party. The biggest one of them is the annual office Christmas party. It’s a big thing in Spanish companies. Sometimes you even have 2 Christmas parties. The official party, paid for by your company, and also a separate fiesta for your department, which you and your colleagues pay for yourself.

Picking a place to party

Most restaurants offer special Christmas menus for company parties. Deciding on the spot for the Christmas dinner is an important choice, and a lot of debate goes into it. Join the fun! What usually matters the most is the no-limit on drinks, a location in the city center and lots of delicious food.

In many regions in Spain, it’s common to share portions of food, raciones, with your co-workers instead of having your own plate.

Christmas party in the weekend

Most office Christmas parties take place during the weekend. This saves the boss time, and everybody can nurture their hangover the next day in the comfort of their home.

Dressing up

Lots of Christmas parties have a theme, and people will wear a fun outfit. If there is no clear theme, do come in nice attire. The Spanish love to dress well. Especially at Christmas, everybody does their best to look extra glamorous and sparkly. Read all about Spanish dress code here.

Expect it to get late

Even though the Christmas celebration will start in the afternoon, it tends to go on well into the early morning hours, la Madrugada. It’s normal to go dancing at a club after dinner. In December, clubs open their doors already in the afternoon to host all the Christmas parties.

Have fun but keep it cool

Of course, alcohol flows freely at a Christmas office party, also in Spain. However, behaving very drunk is frowned upon, even during Christmas. So have fun, get tipsy if you want, but keep it under control. You’ll still have to walk into the office on Monday.


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