8 Questions to ask yourself if you want to work in IT

Article by Marc Vervoort

IT has the future. It’s at the helm of the digital revolution. The most prominent companies in the world like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, are founded and run by digital experts. The people in IT make many things on which our modern world runs possible. Without a doubt, it’s a fascinating and rewarding industry to work in. And there is lots of work to be done.

But a job in IT is not for everybody. How do you know if working in the digital realm is your cup of tea? To help you figure this out, answer these 8 questions.

1. Do you like to learn?

You can study for a degree in computer science, AI, Big Data or any related field. Once you graduate, you’re not done. It’s only the beginning. In the digital world, everything shifts all the time. What you know today will be old tomorrow.

Programs it took you hours to familiarize yourself with will turn obsolete, new programming languages will replace old ones, and the latest digital technology will disrupt everything.

To be flourishing in IT, you have to keep on learning to keep up.

2. What’s your place in the IT universe?

We talk about IT and digital technology as one industry, while actually, there are so many different parts and components to it. You can describe IT roughly as the application of computing via different parts (like hardware, services, and software) to develop, manage, transform, share and store data in various forms. All these elements come with their know-how, specialties, and jobs.

Being a programmer in one language doesn’t make you a programmer in all the other computer languages. A back-end developer probably doesn’t know the in and outs of data science. Just like a front-end developer is not fluent in the same tech as a software engineer. If you work with Microsoft, you’ll probably won’t be as proficient with Linux. And so on.

In such a diverse sector, it helps to find your niche, and excel. Don’t worry. You won’t get bored. Each IT niche represents a unique universe of possibilities.

3. What’s your digital passion?

To find the right niche for you, you need to discover your passion. Successful people are flourishing because they’re doing something they feel enthusiastic about. You need passion to keep the fire alive and to urge you to learn, evolve and advance.

Discover your passion by trying different things. There are many free courses online. Try some, dip your toe in the digital waters and see if the temperature is agreeable for you.

4. Do you love innovation and embrace change?

We’re in the middle of the most significant transformation our world has seen since the industrial revolution. IT is the driving force behind it — no wonder that most of the cutting-edge research takes place within the digital sector. If you love innovation and embrace change, then IT is for you. Digital technology is the Mecca of innovation. It’s all about breaking boundaries.

As an IT guy or girl, you can be involved in sending a person to Mars, developing human-like AI or maybe founding the next Google or Netflix. Your job will never be the same as you move forward with the latest technological discoveries.

Many IT businesses actively encourage employees to innovate. Google introduced its famed 80/20 principle, which is now embraced by other influential digital players. Employees can use 20 percent of their time to follow their creative paths and develop ideas they have, alongside their work at the company. That’s how Gmail was born.

5. Do you like teamwork?

There is this stereotype of a nerdy IT guy sitting somewhere alone in a basement, out of touch from the world and human contact. The opposite is the case. IT is all about working together.

Look at Agile. A project management method which had its origins in software development. In Agile, the key to success is to work together in a self-organizing cross-functional team to find the best solutions and continuously adapt. Flexibility meets teamwork.

Companies want digital talents who are not only tech-savvy but also people-savvy. You need to be able to explain new ideas, solutions, and developments not only to your tech colleagues but also translate them to your marketing department or CEO.

And don’t worry, IT still gives you the freedom to do your job from a beach in Bali or your home office. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop.

6. Do you like to see the results of your work?

IT is a field whereby your input delivers a clear output. Theories are immediately put into action, tested and refined. Your problem-solving skills are continuously put to the test, but with the reward of seeing direct results.

7. Do you like money?

Work shouldn’t be all about the money, but who doesn’t like to have some of it. A digital job will give you a healthy income since there is a high worldwide demand for talent and not enough supply.

To attract IT talent, employers offer excellent compensation and benefits like more time off, good health insurance and lots of cool office perks, such as a gym and a free healthy lunch.

What’s better than doing something you love and being handsomely rewarded for it?

8. Not afraid of a challenge?

Working in IT has many benefits, but it is not a field for the faint-hearted. If your client needs a program that doesn’t exist yet, can you create it? Can you take the heat and the pressure? Since digital innovation happens all time, you need to be able to adapt swiftly and be a driver of change yourself. Are you up for the challenge? Then an amazing digital career awaits you.

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