5 Reasons why Spain is the best place to work in IT and Software Development

Article by Marc Vervoort

Did you know Spain has one of the largest and fastest growing IT and Software Engineering markets in Europe? There are many digital jobs available for English speakers. Of course, relocating to a country is a big step. However, Spain has much to offer to the future expat who wants to work in IT.

1. The sunniest climate

Northern and Eastern Europe are known for their grey, wet and cold climates. Spain, on the other hand, offers cities like Malaga, which has the best weather in Europe, with over 320 sunny days a year. Even Madrid, where it gets chillier in winter, still receives about 2700 hours of sunshine a year, in contrast with only 1400 hours for London and 1500 in Warsaw.

2. The best quality of (social) life for expats

According to the HSBC yearly Expat Explorer survey, Spain ranks as number 1 in Europe for the best quality of life for expats, and number 2 in the world. A global survey found Spain is also considered the 6th most attractive country worldwide by expats to move to and work. Furthermore, the Spanish are a welcoming and social bunch. No wonder, Spain also ranks as the best place for expats to build up an active social life.

3. Spain is great for digital nomads

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Tenerife all rank in the worldwide top 50 of best places to work if you’re a digital nomad. They’re fun, safe and affordable places with great internet connections.

4. A rapidly growing digital start-up scene

Spain is making a name for itself as a start-up country. Just last year the Spanish start-up scene grew by 7 percent. Spain has created its own versions of Uber with Cabify and Glovo competing with Uber eats. In 2017, Spanish tech companies raised more than € 784 million. That’s the highest amount ever recorded in Spain, and there are no signs of a slowdown.

5. Low cost of living

The cost of living in Spain is lower than in many other European countries. Spanish people go to eat out several times a week. In most cities, you’ll find a decent apartment for a reasonable price. Besides, Spain’s public healthcare is for free, and private options are affordable. In combination with the excellent climate, good food and high quality of life, it’s no surprise that the Spanish have the highest life expectancy in Europe.

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