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Hand-Picked IT Jobs in Spain with no Spanish required.

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We hand-picked the best international companies and startups in Spain. Employee-centered companies with high profile offers, salaries and conditions.


Outstanding Quality of Life

The weather is gorgeous. Hot and sunny in the summertime and soft and gentle during the spring and autumn months, it’s a real draw for anyone who wants to experience a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle.


Meet people like you

Spain is an amazing place to live, the expat community is huge and constantly renewing itself. Your social life will involve people from literally dozens of countries, and there’s always something going on. You may be wondering what life is like in Spain, with multiple questions in mind, you will be able to find the answers from real people that really live in Spain and have moved like you.


Soft Landing

Our curated companies will do their best to help you on the landing. Relocation package, assistance with the paperwork, temporary home finding, etc... will be considered

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Nothing charged, never! Our clients are the companies that are looking for you.

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